Our peacocks were originally from a Hollywood studio where they were in various feature films in the 1980s. After Hollywood was done with them, they let them go here in the "wild" or as close to the wild as they cared to take them.

Peacocks are the males while Peahens are the females. We don't breed or sell them. They give us their feathers naturally every year which Carol uses in the store and makes flower arrangements out of.

Peacocks roost in trees and on occasion. They love to eat a variety of bugs and plants. We give a feather away with each bag we sell, so if you would like a feather, try a pair of alpaca socks.



Rascal is our Old English Sheep dog.  He is friendly, mellow, and was the biggest of his litter. He is true to the nature of Old English Sheep dogs as Rascal helps us with herding the alpacas when we need him.

Simon is the newest addition to our ranch, and probably the cutest too. He is a golden retriever from a loving family in Riverside. He is a sweet heart and also loves being in with the alpacas.



Boo was rescued from the streets of Cherry Valley, where her and three of her siblings were found. She is part Rottweiler and most likely part coyote.  She is the color of night time and keeps watch after dark. She definitely rules the roost.

Sadly he is the result of over breeding, so his paws are crooked, even for a basset but he is happy here so we don’t care.

Our chickens provide us with eggs that we enjoy on a daily basis. We built them a special hen house that they use to lay their eggs but are also free to roam from alpaca pen to alpaca pen, going through or under the fences.  The chickens are great helpers to keep the bug and fly population down.


Bruno is our one and only cat. He is extremely friendly and wouldn't hurt a fly. He would, however, hurt mice, rats, chipmunks, birds, and/or squirrels. He is a hunting cat, so I would avoid bring any small dogs with you if you are planning to visit. Bruno loves to be scratched behind the ears, like any other cat. Our dogs love him and so do we.

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