We have met many people through the alpaca business or otherwise. We are friends with many  of these assorted people, all of them extremely good at what they do. If you are ever in the need of any of these practices, we highly recommend these people.

Yolinda animal hospital is a friendly, family-run animal hospital, owned and staffed by animal lovers dedicated to keeping your pet healthy and happy. They are our long time vet and are amazing.

Ranch of the Oaks is owned and run by Tom and Mette. Ranch of the Oaks is a wonderful fiber mill, among other things. We take our fiber to them every year for all of the yarn we sell in our store.

Dr. Giliberto is a great chiropractor. No, she doesn't work on the alpacas, but she can do wonders on your neck.

Some our favorite art work has been created by lasers cutting into wood, metal, or even plastic. They can create photo-realistic etchings in just about anything.

When we aren't at the store and ranch, we are probably out dancing. One of our favorite festivals to attend is the Paradise Dance Festival. If you haven't ever been, we highly recommend it.

We know from experience that Banning Veterinarian is a life saver when your animal is hurt and needs help.

Beech Tree Photography

A lot of beautiful photos of shearing and some of our animals were taken by A. Gregory of Beech Tree Photography.

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