About the Ranch

We have kept alpacas since January 2003, after a devastating bout of fire blight destroyed our apple orchard. Our ranch is in the hills of San Bernardino, in the village of Oak Glen, and home to our own animals and those of others for whom we board. All the alpacas run amongst the cedar, pine and oak trees, and sometimes snow.


Peddlers Pack breeds for excellence and our efforts are reflected in a herd of beautiful fawn, brown, and black alpacas. We enjoy the many positive relationships and partnerships we have gained through being part of the local "alpaca" family. We also enjoy the education our alpacas give us on a daily basis.


We currently own twenty-five alpacas, one llama, four dogs, a cat, and a flock of wild peacocks. We don't "own" the peacocks, but they like to call our property their home throughout the year. Along with the peacocks are a host of other birds including a flock of chickens that we recently gained.


Our alpacas are the main portion of our ranch. We have twenty-five alpacas on the ranch, each lovingly named and cared for. Some of the alpacas belong to our wonderful boarders, while the rest belong to us. Some of them we bought and some of them were born and raised on our property. If you want to learn more about our alpacas, or about alpacas in general, try the alpaca's page.

Our animals are among the friendliest pets you will find. Our four dogs are made up of an old english sheep dog, a golden retreiver, a basset hound, and a mixed breed rottweiler and coyote. Our cat is, we think, a mix between a house cat and a maine coon. He is the size of a large house cat with the coloring of a maine coon.

Our ranch is the home of a couple different types of birds. We recently acquired six chickens, but before that, peacocks have called our ranch their home for many years. Those lucky enough to be up here while the peacocks are out and around, will get to see beautiful creatures with or with out plumes of feathers.

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